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Don’t worry, you’re not dealing with a recruitment company that does PR. You’re dealing with a PR company that does recruitment.

We know the industry, we know what you’re capable of, and we know what type of work you’re going to be most suited to.

We’re not going to put you forward for any old PR jobs just to fill our orders. We want you to be happy in the position in which we place you.  We want to find you a job that you enjoy, that gives you the opportunity to develop and allows you to fulfil your passion for public relations.

It’s true that getting on our books can be tough. Naturally we ask applicants to supply a CV, and we’ll interview you, but we also ask for examples of your work and proven results. PR is a diverse industry so we need to make an accurate assessment of your particular strengths and expertise. We want to know what work you enjoy, what you’re good at, and where you want your career to go.

Please submit your CV to the appropriate email below with an email outlining what you want from your next move:

Entry Level  (must have public relations work experience)

Execs and Senior Execs (1 – 3 years experience)

Consultants (3 – 4 years experience)

Account Managers (4+ years experience)

Account Directors (5+ years experience)


Interim PR Roles


Public Relations Graduate Trainee Scheme

Public Relations Work Experience Placements

Entry Level

Execs (1-3 years)

Consultants (3-4 years)

Account Managers (4+ years)

Account Directors  (5+ years)


Interim PR Roles

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